Parts of late Thomas Eidsaa's portfolio

Thomas Eidsaa wanted to cure all disease, poverty and starvation!  He worked for a better world, for justice and peace.  SADLY  Thomas died in December 2020. His last words - "Jesus loves you"

Artistic, abstract, emotional, religious, scenic professional photography. Mostly emotional landscapes and backgrounds.

Here are some of my images, but only 5-6 remained untainted by the police. Most were deleted. They torture me in every way humanly possible for 20 years with no explanation whatsoever. The antisemittic police hack all my surroundings to incite judgement day and justify war-brokers. Terror. Photos by Thomas Eidsaa. I had to try fix the images corrupted by the werewolf nazi Christ desecrating prince-kidnapping police pedophile Christ-clone murder cannibal torturist subhuman heretics, including all citizens of the world. If  anyone does not love the Lord, may he/she be accursed at his coming. God save you from your fate. Amen.