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Thomas Eidsaa wanted to cure all disease, poverty and starvation!  He worked for a better world, for justice and peace.  SADLY  Thomas died in December 2020. His last words - "Jesus loves you"

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Welcome to savethomas, a CIA MK-ULTRA targeteded individual community site. 


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The People`s Army`s Revolution - the Battleplan against the NWO.

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With patronage to Trish Munoz and Nina Benita Gonzales. A site explaining the mark-of-the-beast technologies, and why so many Christians are targeted individuals. TI= Targeted Individual. The censorship caused me great pain... 

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Thank you for dropping by my site! I am in dire need of medical treatment!

I personally want 4 things.

1. Investigative journalism to interview the corrupt technocrat establishment like f.i cancer institutions, and publish documentaries outlining the hidden cures to all illnesses.

2. I want an interview with any alternative media so I get a public face for my books.

3. So as to be taken seriously by a doctor, or group of scientists, any healer who can diagnose me, and document the fact that I have dysphagia, and severe breathing difficulties, which the Mk-Ultra hospitals won`t admit: I breathe terror into the Illuminati and they want me dead with their FAKE x-rays...!!! Believe it or not, they made it possible through their smart-grid AI cybersatan supercomputers.

4. This is to get me back on schedule, reforming the technocratic elite schools of quackademics and becoming the master of all art. All schools of science must be re-written, from kindergarten to quantum string-theory to music and it`s phonetic symmatics. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G you`ve been told is partially a lie.

1 Love, 2 Light and 3 Laughter, and the glass-house of cards will fall. Once the populace is ethically united and polarities cease to exist, through equal spiritual and moral intelligence and law, not through equal IQ, there will be no need for the destructive idiocy of ¨eliminating polarities through ethnical mixture.¨ The world has achieved salvation through the internet, free knowledge, free love and technology. If it were not for the Old World Order of the Talmudic economic system`s destructiveness, in lack of better tems, there would be no-one pushing war in an age where all are connected and knowledge is free. Keep peace for as long as it takes for the world to realize they`re one through the miracle of love, distribution of wealth, and the invention of never-ending party.

One light, one village is enough to shatter the dome. The First Free Federation in world history.


My current work and dreams.

I am writing to you from Kristiansand Norway. Please come help me. Anyone can use me! I work very hard, love all people, and am always dedicated!

I have published 9 independent books on the Christian life, Nazarene Christian religion, ancient mysteries, source-love-light philosophy, esotericism, Luciferianism, ontology, apologetics, eschatology, sociology, politics, state-science, conspiracy-theory and alternative science, a project I am utterly finished with my writing projects, am tired and through with it, yet consider my books as top notch litterature.

I am a garage scientists, although controversial, but sell Orgonite on

I also have been involved in politics, and vote for making all national banks under the treasury department.

I in current terms of work, I am a talented author, chef, singer, guitarist, pianist and craftsman/Jewlry making, although there are many skills I further wish to develop.

I excell in all I do, and am known for my delicate stews, Indian food, Chinese food, Thai food, Italian mushroom recipes, salads, jams, marmelade, caramells, chocolate milk, my alternative healthcare, my micro-brewry (all sorts of wine, cider, beer and mead) and all things exquisite. One of my dreams is to start a restaurant chain and a candy factory.

I am not married, and live alone in a huge house at Hundebakken Kristiansand, with my business, 20 chickens, one cock, lots of gardening, and thousands of plants. I soon hope to sell high-quality food-wares to the local market.

My free-time hobbies are music, freediving, diving, hiking, nature photography, gardening, pyrotechnic fountains, air-rifles, bow-crafting and general markmanship. You might call me a peaceful man of the woods.

I also dream of opening my own clinque/store for my business, which would be a great addition to Kristiansand, as there is no alternative/crystal store coffeshop for hangout, and I am an excellent merchant and advertizer.

I love working with children! I never complain. I am always polite, very social and well raised. 

I LOVE LIFE and am a natural born politician, entrepreneur, and philantropist conqueror! 

Will you help me accomplish these dreams so I can be a resource to society?

For I have a seriouss problem. An undiagnosed lung disease. I have tried getting the word out to facebook, youtube, and the world for 7 years, but the condition has now become so life-threatening, I have to speak up. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my website! Read the next page! Thank you!

Love and light to you. Feel free to check out my site and my un-edited proof below. The TI community thanks you.

The Diary of the Turin-Shroud God Experiment - the greatest humanitarian disaster of all time, built upon the lies of superstitious religions.

Thomas Eidsaa's most important Christian research for FREE!

I found a pencil in May 2020! This was the eight drawing I ever did in my life! I have a world-class talent! Support my artwork! But it is impossible to draw, work or make art in my current condition! I need TTAP! Stop targeting me! Savethomas!

Save me! Frozen Thomas as a 10 year old. I was afraid , I didn't dare smile.

Often, I have been visisted by a being who looks like this, only he only wears white, a sky-light-blue or whitish-pink robe. I am certain he is the angel of the Lord. Save the angel of the Lord!

Dying from an unknown lung disease in NORWAY! Disclosure and transtracheal oxygen therapy (TTOT) IMMEDIATLY!

I can go for a jog, I can swim, but the problem is: I have no spontaneous breathing! I have to take every breath consciously. And if I am not diagnosed and treated with TTOT, transtracheal oxygen therapy for when I am sleeping only, I will die!

It started when I broke my rib in 2011, but got worse and worse. It must be a very rare disease, for I have found no info on it! My lack of breath gives me only 2-3 hours of sleep at night, and this lack of sleep ruins my ability to work, gives me anxiety from sleep-deprivation, and might possibly be fatal.

The severe sleep deprivation caused by close to zero sponteneous breathing also makes me continously anxious so I have to use pills to handle my anxiety! It has gotten so bad I sometimes feel like I`m loosing my mind, and I dare therefore not travel by airplane, move to another city, and can hardly even get out of my home - until my condition is treated!

Why would I, an intellectual genius , author of 9 books, a Reichian Scientist ( suffer and lie for 7 years?

All the symptoms are there: The lack of sleep due to close to zero spontaneous breathing gives me anxiety which the doctor gives me pills for.

Why would I, a hard working, social party lion, lie and stay in bed - never leaving home because of anxiety??? I who used to travel, freedive, meet girls, visit pubs, and work in politics?

To that I can only say: ¨But I have no spontaneous breathing.¨

And it`s worst when I lie down, as the weight of my belly and chest pushing towards the bed further reduce the my the little spontaneous breath I have left.

I have a CPAP breathing apparatus, but even at max strength (20) , it isn`t enough to inflate my lungs, I need TTOT, and if there was another way, I would not have made this site.

Will you help me?

Others say it`s a psychosomatic disorder, that is, my lack of spontaneous breath is stress-realted, in other words: Partially mental and partially physical! They wish me the best, but don`t know better, since the x-rays, and clinical tests show I have normal lungs. But that might have changed since 2017, and what about my diaphragm, and the stress caused to my rib-cage muscles after I broke my rib? 

Why would I lie? I can`t lie, and must tell you that I have close to zero spontaneous breathing! I am young, healthy, my disease must be screened and deserve TTOT treatment! I am a hard-working patriot!

I also have what they call mild dysphagia, but it has lately gotten much worse, although, I live with it quite well. I used to be a smoker, but the condition got worse on a vacation to Hawaii, where I freedived extensively over 3 months, inhaling a lot of volcanic smog. I then quit smoking in 2013, but the condition got gradually worse until 2019, when I had close to zero spontaneous breathing, and mostly survive from exercizing my lings, closing myself in, and resting. This is a terrible way to die, and who will operate my business or tend to the garden and chickens? Who will make the pop-rock albums I`ve dreamt of making my entire life???

I am a GREAT rock, growl and clean opera vocalist.

Will you help me get diagnosed, taken seriously by the doctors so I can get TTOT treatment immediatly??? I come from a strong family that live well up to 100 years, am in high spirits, am an optimist, and if I get TTOT, I certainly have 40 good years of WORK ahead of me.

So in general, if I do not receive TTOT treatment, I will die, not that I have any plans of taking suicide, but I certainly won`t last another 3 years, andI have to address this seriously.

The least they could do is to take me to a sleep-clinic to analyse my sleeping patterns! But no such thing has been done as of yet.

The sleep deprivation has gotten so bad I can barely leave home due to anxiety! And there`s only one bed, my home bed, that I feel comfy enough to sleep in!

I also do not have a drivers lisence, but am working on it.

Yours sincerely, a Norwegian patriot of love.

The x-rays taken in 2017 show that my lungs are fine. What will the doctors do, and why would I go a private doctor and take so many x-rays if I was lying?


A targeted individual has no rights, and something very fishy goes on in Kristiansand.

Will you let me end up like this? Photography by Thomas.